Musician management software.



Organise Bands


Organise Yourself

Manage your gigs

  • Record your gig date, timings, client requests, add a setlist and equipment.
  • Manage payments to clients & musicians.
  • Download a gig worksheet.
  • Message musicians and let them confirm their availability.

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Manage your musicians

  • Easily communicate with musicians.
  • Download an event worksheet.
  • Musicians can state their availability for gigs.
  • Musicians can submit invoices through Band Pencil.

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Manage your clients

  • Send an access link so clients can login to view the event information.
  • Send invoices which can be viewed online and downloaded to PDF.
  • Send clients a contract which they can sign online in seconds.

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Manage your billing

  • Easily see your monthly revenue.
  • Data to help you complete IRS 1099 & HMRC self assessment forms.
  • Send invoices and track unpaid invoices.
  • Export all data to CSV, Excel, PDF, or Print format.

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