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Band Pencil is the all-in-one management solution built for musicians to help organise every aspect of a gig. From sending contracts to creating invoices, managing musicians and tracking financials.


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Bands & Musicians Using Band Pencil

Manage your gigs from our powerful online dashboard

Whether you're an artist, agency, band leader, or solo musician, our software lets you manage your gigs anywhere, anytime. Centralise your gig information and manage everything from one place.

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Band Pencil Quote

Band Pencil has helped us keep our events extremely organized! It is so easy to handle the different aspects of an event.

Catherine from Vybe Society in Oakland, CA USA

We have a solution for every musician

Go paperless • Integrate into a single cloud system • Boost your productivity

Band Management Software. Manage musicians on Band Pencil

Share non-sensitive gig information with your musicians and crew

We know it's hard for band leaders and agencies to manage their musicians, so our software offers a "self-service" approach so your team can view gig information online 24/7.

Send your clients contracts and invoices online in seconds

Clients are key to your music business. Band Pencil allows you to securely send and store contracts and invoices.

  • Event information can be viewed on an online Client Portal
  • Send and view contracts and invoices online
  • Get instant notifications when the client signs the contracts or views the event information
Band Management Software. Manage clients on Band Pencil
Band Management Software. Create income reports with Band Pencil

Ditch paper and create, manage and track invoices online

With Band Pencil we allow musicians, band managers, artists and agencies to quickly build invoices and track event income and expenses. Saving you both time and money.

  • Track unpaid invoices
  • Send clients reminders when invoices are outstanding
  • Product on demand revenue reports

Drag and drop songs to easily create online setlists for your gigs

Stress no more with our powerful setlist creator. Our software will tell you the next song, what key it's in and display the sheet music.

  • Setlist duration calculator
  • Attach sheet music and chord charts to songs
  • Shared setlists online with your musicians
Band Management Software. Manage musicians on Band Pencil
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Collect new bookings and get notified when a client enquiries about an event

Our modern, clean, and simple to use lead capture form allows your website visitors to enquire in the simplest way possible. Start getting bookings for your band instantly online now.

  • Complete the form in less than 60 seconds
  • Information is automatically inputted into Band Pencil
  • Email notifications when a form has been submitted

Get paid fast by accepting all major debit and credit cards with online payments

We're bring musicians and band leaders into the modern age. Easily connect the most widely used credit card processor online to allow your clients pay for their event in just a few clicks.

  • Powered and secured by Stripe Payments
  • No extra payment fees on our end
  • Charge clients and get paid in less than 60 seconds
Example of lead capture form for band management software

Musicians are asking...

Who is Band Pencil for?
Anyone who runs a band, freelance musicians, and basically anyone who works in the music industry.

Do I have to run a band to use Band Pencil?
No! We have loads of individuals using Band Pencil including DJs, solo sax players and session musicians.

Do my musicians pay to use Band Pencil?
Nope, you can have as many musicians as you like. Access to the Musician Portal is completely free.

Can I manage more than one band on one account?
Yes, you can manage as many bands (or as we call them services) as your plan allows.

Can I import my data?
Yes, you can import your clients, musicians, venues, songs and event data into Band Pencil.

Why use Band Pencil?

Our software helps musicians have greater control over their entire music business.

Access Anywhere

Band Pencil is a web-based band management software. Easily access our app from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Easy to Use

Our platform is simple, self-explanatory, and super easy-to-use. You'll be up and running in just a few minutes. No tech skills required.

Safe and Secure

Your information is safeguarded by the best security technology. In short, we store, backup, and protect your sensitive and private data.

Trusted by Thousands

Established in 2019. Trusted by thousands users, across 10 countries. Whether you're a band, artist or musician our software is perfect for you.

Cancel Anytime

We don't believe in lock in contracts. Upgrade, downgrade, export, or cancel anytime. Bottom line? You own your data. We just help you manage it.

Free Support

Email support available and using an online band management system means no clunky software to install.

Ready to get started?

Our band management software is loved by musicians, band manager, agencies, not-for-profit music groups and many more.

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