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See how it's done

  • Add and store gig information.
  • Update musician's availability and fee.
  • Create invoices and contracts.
  • Communicate with clients.

Manage your gigs

  • Record your gig date, timings, client requests, add a setlist and equipment.
  • Manage payments to clients & musicians.
  • Download a gig worksheet.
  • Message musicians and let them confirm their availability.

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Manage your musicians

  • Easily communicate with musicians.
  • Download an event worksheet.
  • Musicians can state their availability for gigs.
  • Musicians can submit invoices through Band Pencil.

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Manage your clients

  • Send an access link so clients can login to view the event information.
  • Send invoices which can be viewed online and downloaded to PDF.
  • Send clients a contract which they can sign online in seconds.

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Manage your billing

  • Easily see your monthly revenue.
  • Data to help you complete IRS 1099 & HMRC self assessment forms.
  • Send invoices and track unpaid invoices.
  • Export all data to CSV, Excel, PDF, or Print format.

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Events Report

See all your gigs in one table, you can even refine the table by searching between certain dates.

Teaching Report

This is your monthly revenue report for teaching. Within the teaching dashboard you can do much more detailed reporting, such as download all invoices and lessons.

Revenue Report

The revenue table allows you to see your monthly revenue.This table is great for forecasting how much money you will make.

Musicians Report

Some times you need to report how you've paid your musicians. This is where this table come in handy! We list all the musicians show you how much you have/ are going to pay them.

Musician Invoices

This report allows you to see what you have paid musicians. When you add a musician to an event you create a transaction with records how much you've paid them..

Income Report

Create custom reports for your income. Perfect for when you need to do an end of month report!

Manage your students

  • Send an access link so your students can login to view the lesson information.
  • Send invoices which can be viewed online and downloaded to PDF.
  • Track lesson attendance.

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