Whether you are managing a small roster of bands, or you're a large corporate music agency. Band Pencil is the industry grade management system which will work for you.

Managing gigs

Gig Information & Finance
Store all of your gig information securely. Gig date, time, address soundcheck info, description, setlist, equipment, client information and much more. Record all the gig's finance and generate invoice and receipts.

Download all the gig information to a PDF worksheet so you can print on the day.

Online Enquiry Form

Our enquiry form that can be easily integrated into your own website via our custom HTML code. Once a client completes the form you will receive and email with the event information and you'll be able to see the enquiry on Band Pencil.

Managing clients

We know the stress of chasing clients to sign paper contracts and making invoices, so we do it all for you.

Invoices & Receipts
Send clients and invoice which can be viewed online and downloaded as a PDF. Once you mark the gig as paid we automatically make a receipt available.

Send clients a electronic contract which they can sign online in seconds. Once signed the contract is converted to PDF and emailed to both parties.

Generating reports

Running Reports
We've made it easy to see how much you've paid artists. We have also made it easy to see how much you made from your gigs perfect for revenue returns.

Revenue & Export
We've made it easy to see how much revenue you have/are expected to make. You can then export all of the data to Excel, CSV, PDF or Print.


Managing artists

Adding Artists to a Gig
Artists (or musicians as we call them) can view gigs, submit and view their invoices. In doing so, both you and your artist have a copy of their invoice and receipt.

Securely Store Information
Securely store a artist's bank details, email address, phone number and address to make it simple to invoice and communicate.

File store

Simple Cloud File Storage
Store all your files securely in one place, for easy access. We allow you to store Sibelius, MIDI and MP3 file types.

Add Files to a Gig
Band Pencil allows you to attach files to your gig to easily share files with clients. For example, if a client shares a wedding itinerary you can upload it into Band Pencil for quick access.

Multi-User Tariff...*

Multi-User Support

You can have up to three users sign up per account, so no need to share login information.

Audit Reporting

Access to an audit log to see what has been changed, by which user and when.

Affordable Pricing

Software shouldn't cost the earth. Our Multi-User tariff is only $29.99 (£24.99) per month.

*Coming soon, if you're interested please reach out!

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