Agency by Band Pencil is for people and businesses who manage several artists and clients. Our unique software is designed for large events management.

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Many thanks to all those who took part in the Agency by Band Pencil Beta testing programme. With your help we built an extremely powerful piece of software. However, running Agency requires a lot of resources and support, so we have decided to only offer Agency by Band Pencil as a SaaS product (software as a service).

Why? Because while we were working on Agency by Band Pencil, Management by Band Pencil was growing and growing to the point where hundreds of musicians are now using the site to manage thousands of events every day! We feel we need to focus our attention to making the best management tool for musicians.

If your agency is interested in purchasing a SaaS licence for Agency by Band Pencil please get in contact with us. Licence cost will vary depending on needs, volumes and seats. We promise we haven't forget about Agency by Band Pencil, it's still on our road map, but on hold for public use!

Updated, 30th Sept 2019 - Band Pencil Team

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