7 Reasons Why Musicians Should Manage Their Business Digitally

As the music and event industry is evolving, and the industry is changing very rapidly. Over the years, digital tools have helped musicians do their jobs more efficiently, but it's only recently that this idea of managing events and bands digitally has become popular.

While the industry has been very slow to adopt new technology, musicians and especially those who run bands should be aware that it's not too late, and you can still use software to run your business. In this article, we explore seven reasons why you should manage your music business digitally.

1. Save time by not having to deal with paperwork

As a musician, you face the ever time-consuming task of dealing with documents, whether that be invoices, contracts and event fact finding. It's hard to find the time to complete all this paperwork especially if you're constantly running around and working late nights.

But fear not, as there are many tools that make this process easier. By going digital, you no longer have to worry about where this information is stored, whether you posted an invoice, or sent a contract to a client. It also saves on your printing bill and reduces your clutter.

2. Improve efficiency

It's no secret that musicians are always on the go. When you have a lot going on, whether you're driving to the gig, rehearsing, or working unsociable hours, it can be hard, tiring and stressful.

To avoid huge drain on productivity and as a result profitability, you can use an event or band management software that will help you manage the business that is most efficient for you. By using software, you can focus on what's important and complete more paperwork in much less time.

3. Simplifie event and band management

Musicians are often faced with the difficulty of managing their events and bands. The problem is that, as a business owner, you are constantly managing everything. You're managing different tasks, all the while making sure your business is getting enough clients to keep yourself afloat.

That’s why it’s really important to have a software that will keep all of your event and bands organised and on schedule so you can be as amazing as you are. Using a digital solution (such as Band Pencil) to take control of your music operations is very much needed so you can focus on what matters most, making music!

4. Easily track your business and monitor progress

Traditionally musicians and other freelancers would have to keep a handwritten diary with updates of all their events and clients, or even storing this information within a calendar app. Even with the use of a laptop and phone, it can still be difficult to keep track of all the tasks that need to get done, especially when you're gigging every night.

This is where digital management comes into its own. With just one or two clicks, you can manage your events digitally so it's easier to keep track of your progress and monitor for potential problems with your finances.

So long as you are organised and use a digital solution correctly, you’ll be able to take some pressure off and make yourself work smarter and not harder. By using digital management, it is possible now more than ever to track where your money goes and how much profit you have made in total and on each gig.

5. Provides you with more resources to use

Going digital for your business is a great way to use more online applications so you can take advantage of the many benefits that come with it such as using an event management software for your work.

Remember that it's not just about saving money when it comes to running a business. Today’s musicians need technology in order to connect with clients and grow their customer base. It doesn't matter if you're looking at boosting productivity or managing finances - there is an online solution with all the right tools out there designed specifically for what you need.

6. Helps you get more bookings

Many musicians make the mistake of thinking that their success in business is dependent on how many people they know. While there's truth to this, it's not the only way you can win more bookings. The reality is that taking the digital route will allow you to win more gigs.

Let’s take quoting for example. If you're still using traditional methods it's going to take you much longer to send out a quote and package offer than it is for someone using a management tool. For them they can simply import from an exisiting event template and send the quote and package offer.

7. Gives you a competitive edge

We all know that technology is an integral part of our lives and the music industry is no exception. As a musician, it's important to stay one step ahead of your competition by taking advantage of technology.

Using technology not only makes your business more competitive with others in your area, but it also helps you become a better entrepreneur. You become capable of streamlining processes that may have been time-consuming before.

For instance, using an online event management software can save you hours of work when invoicing clients. What's even better is that these new technologies don't require any training. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a few hours to get yourself set up.

How to get started with going digital for your business

Managing your business digitally is a great way to simplify and streamline the event management process. If you're not already, it's time to make the transition from paper-based operation. By doing so, you can save valuable time that can be spent on finding new clients and booking in more gigs.

If managing your business without paperwork sounds appealing, we have a great solution for you. Check out our software and explore all the features we offer. With using Band Pencil, managing your events will become second nature and easy as 123.

For more information about how we can help you manage all of this with ease, check out Band Pencil.

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