How to upload and manage your files in Band Pencil

Uploading files

Uploading files allows you to keep important document relating to your music enterprise in once place. It is also useful if you need to share files directly with clients.

Navigate to the Files Page and complete the form on the right hand-side of the page. When entering the File Name, we recommend you make this something unique, so you'll remember what the file is. To avoid you accidentally adding the file to an event tick the Private File button. Once uploaded the file should appear in the table.

Please note, there is a 10 mb file size limit.

Editing files

To edit (or view) a file click on the file name on the Files Page. This will bring up a new page. From this page you can preview the file, as long as it is an image or PDF, download the file, rename the file and add the file to an event.

To edit a file click the settings cog icon and select edit file. To delete the file click delete file.

Adding a file to an event

Still on the File Information Page click the settings cog icon but this time, select Add to Event. Select the events you would like to add the file to and then click Add. Linked events should now show up in a table on the right hand-side of the screen.

You can also do this directly from the event page where you can upload new files and share files with musicians and clients.

Deleting files

Deleting a file is really simple.

  1. Go to your files page.
  2. Select the file.
  3. In the top right corner, click the dropdown next to "Download File".
  4. Click Delete File.

Once deleted the file will be removed from our servers. Your browser may cache the file so it is still appears visible, this will reset in a few days.

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