How to add multiple services to an event in Band Pencil

You can add multiple services to one event in Band Pencil and it's really simple to do!

  1. From the event page, on the Information tab click the Services button
  2. Either select from the drop-down list, or add a new service
  3. Click Add, and the new service will added to the event
  4. You can edit and delete services at any point

When adding a service from the drop-down list we will make a copy from the master, so you can make unique edits on each event. If you add a new service it will appear as a new band on the bands page (we'll be shortly changing the terminology to services).

A list of the services will appear on the event page, musician event page, worksheet, musician worksheet, client portal and client contract.

Editable fields

Service Name: this is the name of the service (e.g. 6-piece function band) - visible to both the client and musicians.

Service Description: short description of the service (you can go into as much detail as you like!) - visible to both the client and musicians.

Service Description Private: this is a place to write any private notes about the service - this is only visible to you.

Having more than on Band Builder per event

Currently you can only have one Band Builder template assigned to one event and this isn't likely to change. It would be too confusing for you to try and map each musician to the separate builders and trying to show this on an overview page would be a disaster!

Instead we suggest you create a template which emcompases all your services together. Remember, you can change the musician's instrument for an event, so be creative with the instrument names.

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