Adding students and lessons in Band Pencil

06 Apr 2020 // 2 minute read


Step 1 - Add a new student

1. Navigate to the Teacher Dashboard and click Add Student in the top right corner.

2. Student name and email are required fields so you'll need to fill those out.

It is important you use the correct email address when adding a new student as this is the address they will use to login via the portal. If you use an incorrect email you may have to delete the student and start again!

Step 2 - Adding lessons

You can either add new lessons from the calendar, or from the Student Information Page. To get to the student information page, navigate to the Teacher Dashboard, click on the Students Tab and then click on the student you would like to view.

From here, click New Lesson in the top right corner. Complete all the information and then click Add.

You can then click on a lesson to view and change the information.

Step 3 - Automatic Invoices

You can step up Band Pencil to automatically invoice the student weekly, monthly or yearly. To do this on the Students Information Page click Invoices Tab and then click Invoice Settings. Tick Automatic Invoices and complete the invoice settings to your preference.

Step 4 - Manual Invoices

You can create manual invoice for the student too. To do this on the Students Information Page click Invoices Tab and then click New Invoice. Complete the invoice options and once complete Band Pencil will automatically create an invoice.

Step 5 - Editing Invoices

Still on the Students Information Page click on the Invoices Tab. On each invoice row there will be a series of icons at the end (eye, PDF, mail, trash).To edit, click the eye, to export to a PDF click the PDF icon, to email the invoice click mail and to delete the invoice, click trash!

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