Managing your artists and requesting availability

Adding your artists

To enable your artists, who are initially referred to as members but can be customised to terms like artists, performers, or acts in your settings, to access gig information, you must include them in your account. You can find guidance on how to onboard your members on this page.

Before you continue, in your event settings, make sure you have the Display other members option turned off. This will prevent your artists being able to see who else has been assigned to the event.

Let's say you manage three bands within your agency:

  • Moonlight Function Band (managed by Jess), 
  • Dance All Night Band (managed by John),
  • The Wedding Band (managed by Caterina).

You should add Jess, John, and Caterina as your members in Band Pencil.

Requesting artist availability

Suppose a client inquires about hiring either the Moonlight Function Band or The Wedding Band. In this scenario, you should:

  1. Add the gig details to Band Pencil, including all the necessary information.
  2. Assign both Jess and Caterina to the event.
  3. By sending an email through Band Pencil, request their availability for the gig. You can also ask them to confirm their fees if they set their own prices.

It's important to note that the client won't be able to see which specific member is performing at the event. To address this, you can add "Moonlight Function Band" as a service in Band Pencil, making it clear for the client.

First Come, First Served

If you work on a first come first serve basis, take a look at this help article where we explain how this can be done using Band Pencil.

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