All the reasons you should use Band Pencil as a student

23 Aug 2019 // 2 minute read

As a student, there are far more interesting things to be doing than managing your gigs, so we've put together all the reasons why students should be using Management by Band Pencil.

Building good habits

It's important to build good habits whist you're first starting out, so when music becomes your full time job you are on top of your organised. By keeping all your gigs stored in our system you just have one place to look for information.

Looks professional

Students often get labelled as being unorganised and unreliable. Band Pencil can help change this misconception. Whether you're sharing event information with clients, other musicians, or just updating information in the common room, Band Pencil looks (well in our opinion) professional. If people see you are willing to invest in a tool to help you organise your events then they are far more likely to trust you to do a superb job.

Build you network of musicians

You've probably been told this a thousand times, but when starting out, networking is key. We recommend storing your roster of musicians in Band Pencil so you can quickly call upon them when you're in need. You can also securely store their payment information in our system so you can impress by paying them quickly!

Easy to submit for taxes

Hundreds of musicians use and trust Band Pencil to do their reporting. It's so easy to download reports so you know exactly how many events you did and how much you got paid. It's also super simple to download invoices and receipts for when you need them.

Good luck and enjoy using Management by Band Pencil! Oh, and we are looking into adding student discount to our site.

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