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Are you on a committee for an amateur orchestra, or even a music group. Looking for an affordable web app that can help your members get organised? We've got you covered. Band Pencil is a web app that allows admins to maintain their rehearsal schedule, keep track of their music library and easily make announcements.

Having been chair of a fairly large high ability amateur orchestra I have the skills and understanding of what it takes to run such an organisation. Amateur orchestras are big and complex groups which are often run as charities. Companies this size, and much smaller, reley on software to help them out, so why shouldn't amateur orchestras?

Member Management

Member management is one of the most complex parts of running an amateur orchestra. It requires being GDPR compliant, practice good record keeping and undertaking the annual updating of member's records.

The classic approach to collecting member information is the paper form. Reliable, idiot proof and quick. Once the form has been completed it's filed away and forgotten about. It may even be transferred to a spreadsheet for "safekeeping". 

In my personal opinion this is bad practice. Okay, the paper form is a good way of collecting information fast, but as soon as it has been collected it should be entered into a secure system and destroyed. 

Band Pencil allows committee member's to collect member information via our secure only form, store that information by creating a new musician and we even allow members to update their information whenever, wherever.

As everything is stored online it can be accessed at any point. During a rehearsal or 5 minutes before a concert, as long as you have an internet connect you have Band Pencil.

Who's on what concert and who's coming to which rehearsal is the stuff of nightmares for amateur orchestras.

You know the hassle, so I'll cut to the chase. You add your rehearsals and concerts, assign all your musicians and let them, yes let them, confirm their availability. They can even change it if needed. You can login to Band Pencil and see which available for what. End of that task!


Amateur orchestra finance is a complex especially paying for concerts and collecting ticket sales.

With Band Pencil you can record all the expenditure and income for an event and report on it every easily. You can also create invoices directly form the site. At the end of the year, you can export your finance report and share it with the members during your AGM.

Keeping Track of Equipment

Keeping track of equipment can be a challenging thing especially when we're talking about percussion! Band Pencil has an inbuilt inventory tracking system to help you out.

You can record, where the item is, what it's status (broken, missing on loan), item value and serial numbers. When you're organising a concert you can tag the equipment to that event so you know what needs checking in and out.

File Storage

We've made sharing files easy. Upload your file and share it with your members. They can access it at any point from their Musician Portal. We've even added the support for music files such as Sibelius.

With all this in mind, Band Pencil is the perfect tool to help amateur orchestra save time and get more organised. Sign up today for a free 14-day trial!

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