How to accept online payments with Band Pencil Pay

Available with any of the following subscriptions:
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Through Band Pencil you can use Band Pencil Pay to accept payments online. We have partnered with Stripe to make payments, quick, simple and most of all, secure.

Setting up online payments

Connect to Stripe

To make sure you can receive online payment for gigs first you need to link your account with Stripe and be on our Premium plan. To do this navigate to your settings page and click Connect with Stripe. This will then redirect you to Stripe's website for their online set up. They will ask you some details such as your company name, bank details and address. Once complete you will be sent back to Band Pencil and your account will be linked.

Stripe may require some additional information such as photographic identification from the person setting up the account.

Turn on Band Pencil Pay

Once you have linked your Stripe account you will need to turn on Band Pencil Pay. To do this navigate to the settings page and enable online payments. You can enable or disable online payments for individual invoices directly from the invoice settings on the event page.

How does the client pay online?

At the bottom of the invoice (when viewing online) a green button should appear which says Pay Now. Once the client click Pay Now they will be redirected to Stripe's secure checkout page to complete the payment.

After the payment has been successfully processed, both the client and the user will receive an email confirmation from us. The email will include details such as the event name, date, ID, customer reference number, and the total amount paid.

Band Pencil Pay Receipt

Online payment pricing

It is completely free to use Band Pencil Pay, but Stripe charge fees per transaction. Depending on your location will depend on your fees. Please see Stripe pricing and fees page for more information.

Payments and refunds

As stated in our terms, you are responsible for Stripe fees, refunds, disputes, fraudulent payments, and chargebacks. In case you need to issue a full or partial refund, you can do so through your Stripe dashboard. Additionally, you can also send a detailed receipt to the client. Please note that refunds processed through Stripe will not be reflected in Band Pencil. If you require assistance in setting this up, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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