Billing email reminders

Band Pencil offers a billing notification system to keep you informed about upcoming payments and provide receipts for your subscription.

Billing Notification Types

Band Pencil sends two types of billing notifications:

Reminder Email: This email is sent to the account owner and is sent a few days before the scheduled payment date.

Receipt Email: This email is sent to the account owner and is sent immediately after the payment is processed.

Setting Your Preferences

To amend your billing notification, navigate to your billing page and locate 'Billing Email Preferences'.

Important Information

  • Your Band Pencil subscription is set to auto-renew each month/year unless canceled.
  • It is recommended to keep both Reminder and Receipt emails turned on to stay informed about your subscription status.

Other Billing Emails

We will send additional emails which you cannot turn off when:

  1. Your start a new subscription with us.
  2. Your subscription fails to renew.
  3. Your subscription cancels.

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