Changelog: Teachers' Tool

09 Feb 2020 // 2 minute read

We've been busy updating the teacher feature on Band Pencil and we just shipped four updates based on customer feedback.

1. Teacher Dashboard

We've made the teacher dashboard very much like the event dashboard and soon we'll be giving you the option to choose which one you would like to be your default. Now you can scroll through your daily agenda, easily access your students, invoices, lessons and view cool stats like your monthly income and projected yearly income!

2. Student Invoices

They're here! You can now create invoices for your students. You can set your student up on automatic invoicing, so each week/month/year we automatically generate an invoice for the last period, or the period coming up, we'll even automatically email it to them! Or you can manually create in bulk, or for each individual student.

We have implemented a credit system in case a student misses a lesson and you can just credit their account.

When you set an invoice to paid we update each lesson which is attached to the invoice to mark that as paid. When it comes to reporting your teaching revenue we work off the lessons being paid and not the invoices! The system will never report 'No Charge' lessons - if you do set a lesson to 'No Charge' we can credit their account. If you work off invoices, we automatically deduct the credit from the invoice total, if you don't, you can manually change the credit once the student has paid. (I promise it's not that complicated!)

3. Student Portal

A bit like the musician's login, students can now login and see their upcoming lessons and view their invoices. We've implemented a passwordless login so all they need to login is their email account.

4. Lesson Attendance

You can now set a lesson to 'Present', 'Late', 'Absent Charge', 'Absent No Charge', 'Cancelled Charge', 'Cancelled No Charge'. We do not include lessons marked as Absent No Charge, or Cancelled No Charge in the total revenue on the teaching report on the report page.

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