How to change your team user's permission level

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Band Pencil has different status levels and permission levels which you can set per user. It is important to keep in mind that just because a user's permissions are set, it doesn't necessarily mean that they won't have access to this information as information could be view in emails or on the Client Portal.

How to change a user's status:

  1. Get your account owner to navigate to the settings page.
  2. Under Team, select the user you want to change permission for and click View & Edit.
  3. Select Edit Permissions and change the User Status.
  4. Save and the permissions will be changed instantly.

User Status

By default, when you add a new team member into Band Pencil their user status level will be set to user.


This is the person who opened the account. They have the ability to view, update and delete everything. They have extended permissions such as being able to update company information and add new team members. This status level cannot be changed. If you need to change this, please contact support.


This user has the ability to view, update and delete all records in Band Pencil (e.g. events, members and clients), but is limited on adjusting some account settings reserved for account owners.


This person has the most basic rights. They have the ability to update and view most records, but do not have permission delete (this includes events, members and clients). They will have the capability to remove assigned records, such as removing members from events. However, they won't have the ability to delete members from Band Pencil.

User Permissions

By default, when you add a new team member into Band Pencil they will be given all the following permissions.

Client Finances

This will allow the user to see and add client invoices.

Client Contracts

This will allow the user to see and add client contracts as well as add and edit new templates.

Event Finance Reports

This will allow the user to see the reports page and any pipeline figures.


This will allow the user to see all emails sent from any users. Turning this off will only allow the user to see their own scheduled and sent emails.

Client Portal

This will display the link to the Client Portal on the event page. The Client Portal is accessible to the public with the authorised link, meaning that if the user possesses the link, they can still access the portal. An instance of this would be if the user sent an email to the client containing a link to the portal.

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