Changelog: Calendar

19 Jan 2020 // 1 minute read


We've shipped calendar version 2.0! Keep reading to find out what we've changed!

Adding Events

You can now add events directly into the calendar! Click a date, or time, select your event and add away! Events and lesson can be a maximum length of one day, but general events can be across multiple days.

General Events
Store general events like holidays to the calendar so you know not to schedule events/lessons at that time.

Drag, Drop and Delete

Once you've added an event you can drag it around to change the date, or time. Clicking on the event will show the information and you can even delete directly from the calendar.


Set the view to daily, weekly, monthly or as a list and save your defaults in by clicking Calendar Settings. In the popup you can also edit your business hours (default midnight to midnight).

We'll be adding more functionality to the calendar as time goes on, but enjoy version 2.0! If anything isn't working, or you have a feature request get in touch with us!

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