Contract merge tags

This feature is in development as is not yet live on Band Pencil

A merge tag is a bit of code that allows you to insert dynamic data into your contract. For example, the field Client Name can be used as a merge tag with {{client_name}}.

To use a merge tag, simply type it anywhere in the terms and conditions of your contract. When the client (or you) comes to view the actual contract, the merge tag will be replaced with the actual client's name.

Using merge tags

Merge tags, for now, can only be used on contracts. Merge tags do not work on performer contracts.

If a merge tag has no data, for example, you use the merge tag {{client_phone}}, but the client phone number is not stored in Band Pencil, the merge will return empty. Some merges will return data these are:

  • {{event_name}} will return (no event name set)
  • {{event_location}} will return (no location set)

Merge tags will keep their field formatting (e.g. if there is a line break or bold text this will remain as it is). Fields that support formatting are:

  • {{event_timings_breakdown}}
  • {{event_soundcheck}}
  • {{event_dresscode}}
  • {{billing_address}}
  • {{payment_details}}
  • {{client_address}}
  • {{event_location}}
  • {{event_description}}
  • {{event_services}}

For some merge tags you can remove the line break and have all data show on one line, these are:

  • {{billing_address}}
  • {{payment_details}}
  • {{client_address}}
  • {{event_location}}

To have data display on one line you need to put |NOBREAK after the tag. For example, to have the billing address display on one line the tag should be written like this: {{billing_address|NOBREAK}}.

Available merge tags

You can set merge tags in a contract template and you can add merge tags to the default contract header and footer. Only the following merge tags will work. It's always best to preview how your contract looks before sending to a client to check all merge tags have been correctly applied.

All merge tags are case-sensitive, so make sure to type them exactly as they are spelt below. Just type them where you'd like the value to appear:

Your account merge tags

Account trading name {{trading_name}}  
Account billing address {{billing_address}} {{billing_address|NOBREAK}}
Account payment information {{payment_information}} {{payment_information|NOBREAK}}

Client merge tags

Client name {{client_name}}  
Client company {{client_company}}  
Client phone {{client_phone}}  
Client email {{client_email}}  
Client address {{client_address}} {{client_address|NOBREAK}}

Event merge tags

Event name {{event_name}}  
Event location {{event_location}} {{event_location|NOBREAK}}
Event date {{event_date}}  
Event timings {{event_timings}}  
Event timings breakdown {{event_timings_breakdown}}  
Event soundcheck {{event_soundchecks}}  
Event green room {{event_green_room}}  
Event performance room {{event_performance_room}}  
Event dresscode {{event_dresscode}}  
Event food information {{event_food}}  
Event noise limit {{event_noise_limit}}  
Event external microphone use {{event_external_microphone_use}}  
Event number of guests {{event_number_of_guests}}  
Event playlist information {{event_playlist_information}}  
Event invoice total (total invoice amount inc. tax and not including currency symbol) {{event_invoice_total}}  
Event services and public description {{event_services}}  
Event description {{event_description}}   


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