How to create and edit invoices in Band Pencil

Adding an invoice

When you add an event into Band Pencil we automatically create an invoice for you. To edit and view this invoice navigate to the event you would like to see an invoice for and click on the Finance tab. You can add multiple invoices to an event by clicking Create Additional Invoices.

Adding charges to an invoice

To add a charge (row) to an invoice, click the New Line Item button enter the name, amount and tax information. If you need to delete an invoice charge click the bin icon and to edit a charge click the pencil icon located to the left of the charge name.

You can reorder the charges by dragging the blue icon to the desired position. This will update the charge's location on the invoice, receipt, client dashboard and on the event page.

Adding tax

When you create a line item for an invoice in Band Pencil, the tax percentage you set in your settings will be automatically applied to the charge. So, you don't have to enter the charge amount including tax. However, if you want to modify the tax percentage or exclude tax from a line item, you can do so by editing the tax percentage field before adding the line item.

Editing an invoice options

Still on the Finance tab click Options next to the invoice you want to edit and then click Settings. In this modal you have the option to set the invoice as paid, or outstanding change the issue and due dates. You also have the option to add a logo, notes, invoice and purchase order number. 

Viewing and downloading an invoice

To view and invoice click the Options button and click View Invoice Online. To download an invoice as a PDF, click the Download invoice. You can also click Email Invoice and Band Pencil will pre-populate an email with the invoice information in ready to be sent to the client.

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