How to create new invoices in Band Pencil

05 Apr 2020 // 2 minute read

Step 1 - Adding an invoice

When you add an event into Band Pencil we automatically create an invoice for you. To edit and view this invoice navigate to the event you would like to see an invoice for and click on the Finance Tab. In step 4 we explain how to export the invoice to a PDF

Step 2 - Adding charges to an invoice

To add a charge (row) to an invoice, click the Invoice Charge button at the bottom of the page and enter all the information. If you need to delete an invoice charge click the bin icon and to edit a charge click the pencil icon located to the left of the charge name.

You can reorder the charges by dragging the blue icon to the desired position. This will update the charge's location on the invoice, receipt, client dashboard and on the event page.

Step 3 - Editing an invoice

Still on the Finance Tab click Invoice Settings at the bottom of the page. Within this modal you have the option to set the invoice as paid, or outstanding. Set musician invoices to paid. You also have the option to add a logo*, notes and PO number to the invoice.

Step 4 - Downloading an invoice

To download an invoice as a PDF, click the Client Settings button located at the top right corner of the page. From here you can download an invoice. When you set the invoice to paid you will be able to download a receipt too.

Step 5 - Viewing all invoices

You can view all the invoices in the events report on the Report page. Here it will show the invoice sub total, tax total, total invoiced and invoice status (outstanding or paid). You can sort this table on Band Pencil, or export to PDF, CSV or Excel file.

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