Email tracking guide

26 Mar 2020 // 2 minute read

How many times have you sent an email and waited ...and waited ...and wondered what happened to it? We all have.

When sending emails to clients it is important we know if they successfully received it. Have they read it? Did they click the link to access their dashboard?

Now, we have a tool that lets you know when an email is successfully delivered, or when someone opens your emails, or clicks on any links.

Email tracking gives you the power to see all of this information and act on it. Delivered, but not read? Time to send a follow up, or phone call. Email failed? Check the email is correct.

Band Pencil sent the email and it was accepted by the recipient email server.

The email recipient opened the email.

The email recipient clicked on a link in the email.

Permanent Fail
Band Pencil got a Hard bounce (permanent failure) from the recipient email server. Check the email address is correct.

Temporary Fail
Band Pencil got a Soft bounce (temporary failure) from the recipient email server. Check the email address is correct and use another email if possible.

The email recipient has reported the email as spam. As a precaution we have blocked that email address from receiving any further emails from us. Please contact support if this issue arrises.

Progress Bars
We will also show you a percentage email delivery rate and percentage email open rate. You should be aiming for a 100% score for email delivery and ideally 100% for open rate. If the recipient(s) open the email more than once the percentage open rate may increase over 100%.

We store email tracking reports for a maximum of three months. 

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