Tracking email delivery and open rates

To ensure that clients have received and engaged with their emails, we offer an email tracking tool that notifies you when an email has been successfully delivered, opened, or if a link has been clicked.

With this information, you can take action based on the engagement of your clients. For example, if an email has been delivered but not read, you may want to follow up with a phone call. If an email has failed to deliver, you can check if the email address is correct.

Band Pencil uses an email delivery service like many other software programs. This service provides updates to Band Pencil when certain actions are taken, such as an email being delivered, opened, or a link being clicked.

Email events we track

Band Pencil will only track the first occurrence of each event:

  • Delivered: The email was successfully sent and it was accepted by the recipient email server.
  • Opened: The email recipient opened the email.
  • Clicked: The email recipient clicked on a link in the email.
  • Permanent Fail: Band Pencil got a hard bounce (permanent failure) from the recipient email server. Check the email address is correct.
  • Temporary Fail: Band Pencil got a soft bounce (temporary failure) from the recipient email server. Check the email address is correct and use another email if possible. This usually happens when the recipient's inbox is full.
  • Complained: The email recipient has reported the email as spam. As a precaution the email address will be blocked from receiving any further emails from Band Pencil. Please contact support if this issue arrises.

Email delivery and opened percentages

For each email sent you will be able to see a percentage email delivery rate and percentage email open rate. You should be aiming for a 100% for email delivery and ideally 100% for open rate. If the recipient(s) open the email more than once, the percentage open rate may increase over 100%.

Please note, due to the high volumes of emails sent from Band Pencil, we store email tracking reports for a maximum of three months.

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