Event pipeline statuses

Band Pencil utilizes six main event statuses to help you manage your event pipeline. Deciding how to assign events to these statuses is completely up to you! To keep track of your event pipeline, you can view the pipeline overview on the events page. Just click the "Pipeline" button located on the top-right corner.

1. Enquiry

When an event is first enquired or arrives through the lead capture form, it's automatically set to the "Enquiry" status.

2. Offer Made

After making an offer for an event, you can transition it to either "Offer Made" or "Pending Confirmation" status.

3. Offer Accepted

Once the client accepts your proposal, you can move the status to "Offer Accepted".

4. Pending Confirmation

If the offer is still awaiting a response, the event remains in "Pending Confirmation" status.

5. Pending Members

This was previously called "Pending Musicians" you may need to reset your status to reflect the new status.

Once the offer is accepted, you have the option to move the event to "Pending Musicians" or "Awaiting Confirmation" status. This allows you to keep track of the outstanding tasks you still need to do.

6. Awaiting Confirmation

Events that are in the process of finalising details can be categorized as "Awaiting Confirmation".

7. Confirmed

When all details are confirmed and finalized, the event can be moved to the "Confirmed" status.

Other event statuses

  1. Cancelled: The event has been officially called off or terminated.

  2. Withdrawn: The event status indicating a voluntary removal or retraction. It signifies a decision to withdraw from the event, often initiated by one of the involved parties.

  3. Not Won: This status reflects the outcome of a competitive situation where you were not selected for the event.

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