Band Pencil's event reminder email to members

Three days before an event, Band Pencil will send a reminder email to all members who are assigned to an event and who have started their availability as available and where the event is visible to the member.

Events are grouped so if the musician has two events on the same day they will both be included in the email (they will not receive two emails). 

Notification setting can be turned off by the musician, or the user account.

Turning these notification emails on or off

If you do not wish your members to get this reminder email you can turn this notification off. To do this, simply toggle "event reminder to members" in the event settings page to your desired option.

We recommend leaving this turned on and give your member the option to subscribe to these emails. Please see below on how a member can turn this off.

Members - turning notifications on or off

At the bottom of each email there will be a link for the member to change their reminder settings, clicking this will take them to the Member Portal. To subscribe, or unsubscribe you will need to:

  • Navigate to the connected account you wish to edit
  • Select the Your Information tab
  • Click Edit Information and tick, or untick send me event reminders

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