Feature Requests

We love hearing about the new features you'd like to see on Band Pencil, but we are a growing company, with a very small team, so we can't promise we will be able to release the feature(s) you request.

Band Pencil is a SaaS software company. This means we're an on-demand cloudbased service where the software is hosted centrally and is licensed to each user via a subscription. Because Band Pencil's software is hosted centrally, when we make a change to our software every user sees that change. This is why it is important that any changes fit inline with all of our user's needs.

When submitting a feature request we're really interested in understanding what you need, and what this feature might help you do. Quite often Band Pencil will do what you want with a workaround, or by a tool we already have. If this is the case we'll explain how you can achieve this.

If we can't find a workaround, we have three main questions we ask before adding a feature to our roadmap:

  • Does the feature align with Band Pencil’s software? Any new features need to align with Band Pencil's core functionality, which is to help musicians manage their gigs. This doesn't mean we're going to say no to everything that falls outside of this!
  • Would other users be interested in this feature? Sadly we're unable to build one-off features as this doesn't add value to our broader user base and it can also make our software complex and hard to use.
  • Will it improve the user experience? We need to make sure any new functionality to make our user's lives easier and doesn't drastically change workflows.

Deciding which features we prioritise is tricky! We have a product roadmap and work through the features which align the most with our core functionality. Unfortunately, we can’t act on every request we receive and some requests may take some times to filter through to our software. Bugs and security improvements are prioritised before feature requests.

We wrote this article to be more transparent on the way we assess feature requests and to manage user's expectations. Please don't let this deter you from submitting a feature request! If you do want to submit a feature request please contact us here.

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