Supported file types and sizes

When uploading files to Band Pencil, there are specific file types and size restrictions.

Each user has a file storage limit of 5 GB for their uploads. Files uploaded to the file store, events and song files count towards this limit. Auto-generated files, including contracts, member contracts, and member invoices are exempt from this limit.

File sizes:

  • The maximum file size allowed for uploads to Band Pencil is 10 MB.
  • The maximum song file size allowed for uploads to Band Pencil is 15 MB.

Supported files:

  • gif
  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • png
  • PDF
  • doc, docx
  • ppt, pptx
  • mp3
  • aac
  • mp4
  • wav
  • xls, xlsx, csv
  • sib
  • 4ss
  • numbers
  • pages
  • HEIC
  • m4a (song file only)

As per our terms, you must not upload any files to Band Pencil which you do not have the legal rights to own, or that infringes copyright. You must not upload files which contain confidential or sensitive data to Band Pencil. Please continue to maintain an external backup of all files uploaded to Band Pencil and all files auto-generated by Band Pencil.

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