5 Ways to Get More Out of Band Pencil

20 Aug 2019 // 2 minute read

1. Connect All Your Musicians

Use Band Pencil as your directory for all the musicians you know. With a premium account we don't limit you to the number of records, so you can freely store their name, email, phone, address information, and bank details securely in our system.
By doing this you can also tag musicians to an event and allow them to submit an electronic invoice via Band Pencil.

2. Tag Files to Events

When a client sends you a document (usually a day schedule) upload it into Band Pencil and tag it to the event it relates to. This saves you having to route back through your communication channels to find that document again.

3. Add Personal Events to Band Pencil

When you add an event you have two option to add it as a band, or personal event. When you select personal event we only show you the features you will need. Adding a personal event to Band Pencil makes it super easy to do reporting as it clearly separates it from the band events!

4. Add Events to Your Calendar

Navigate to your event settings page and there you will find a link. Simply copy and paste this link into your calendar of choice and subscribe! That means any changes you make to an event in Band Pencil will be automatically updated in your calendar app.

5. Share Your Event Information with Your Clients

Click message client from the events page and make sure the checkbox which says 'share online portal access' is ticked. When the client receives the email they will have a link to their event where they can see all the event information, download invoices and receipts and sign contracts. This makes you look uber organised and professional!

That's our top five tips to making you become a pro at Band Pencil! If you have anymore make sure you share them with us by either Tweeting, or dropping us an email.

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