5 Tips For Saving Time When Organising Gigs

Band management is not easy and often time consuming. As part as our "do you need a band management software?" article we're doing a deep dive into the section on "How much time are you spending on organising your events?". In this article we'll tell you our top 5 tips for saving time when organising gigs. Remember, the more time you save the more time you have to book other events and the more profit you make!

1. Use An Enquiry Form

Make it easy for both you and the client by getting the client to submit all their gig information by submitting an enquiry form. This allows you to easily see the date, time, venue and type of event (wedding, party, corporate, etc.). It's also great for collecting the client's name email address and phone number.

Enquiry Forms will often send you an email to notify you have a new enquiry which allows you to easily see whether you're free and able to provide the service they are requesting. It prevents the constant back-and-forth, or length phone calls when organising gigs saving you a lot of time.

2. Find Out Exactly What The Client Wants As Early As You Can

Avoid surprises! Find out exactly what they need and lock in a date where no further changes can be made. Sometimes the client won't really know what they want which is fine and this is the point you need a phone call to discuss what you think would be best, remember you're the expert in this field.

This is also a great place to upsell. Do you want background music during dinner? Do you need a DJ service? Do you have any song requests.

3. Explain To The Client How The Process Works

You need to explain to the client how the whole process works from confirming the gig up until the event date. Things you should explain are:

  • Timeline in confirming the gig
  • When payment will be due
  • When the contract will need to be signed by
  • When you need all final information

It also allows for the client to go away and find out the missing information before you ask for it. Remember, never assume, the client might have never booked music for an event so might not know the process! It also might be a very stressful day for them, especially if it's their wedding. By outlining how everything works helps them to know what needs to be done when. It also helps speed up payments as there shouldn't be any surprising invoices.

4. Automate As Much As You Can

Automate, automate, automate! If you're organising a large number of events, automation can become your best friend! Try and automate as much as you can to save you time. This also makes you look super professional to clients as it makes you look like you're on it!

The following tasks can be automated:

  • Sending and signing contracts
  • Sending invoices
  • Requesting payments

5. Get Your Musicians Organised

Aside from your clients you need to make sure your musicians, technicians and crew know what they're doing as soon as possible! If they're worked for you before it should be pretty easier, but if they're a new you need to be clear on the following:

  • Dress code
  • Timings
  • Alcohol policy
  • Payment
  • Music
  • Setup

We've written an article on how to manage musicians which you can read here.

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