How the Form Builder works in Band Pencil

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✓ Ultimate

Creating forms

We allow users to create basic online forms through Band Pencil. These forms are perfect for creating client questionnaires to collect more information about an event.

Form fields

When creating a form, you have the option to select the type of field you want to collect:

  • Short text (for gathering short responses)
  • Long text (for gathering long responses with multiple lines)
  • Select option (list of options, but only one can be selected)
  • Checkboxes (multiple options can be selected)

Required fields

Fields marked as required will need a response to be filled for the form to successfully submit, but please note, checkbox fields cannot have a required status.

Help notice

Help text can be added to guide the user in completing the form.

Adding and editing forms

To add, or edit or view responses to a form built in Band Pencil:

  1. Navigate to the forms page on Band Pencil
  2. Add a new form or
  3. Select the form you want to edit
  4. From the form page, you can edit and view responses.

Adding to events

Forms can be added to events from the event page. In doing so the client will see a link to the form from the Client Dashboard. You will be able to track the status and see when the client has viewed and completed the form.

Completing the form

The form is simple for the user to submit. Once all fields have been completed the user clicks "Submit Form". Errors will be flagged at this point and the user can rectify and resubmit.

Responses are encrypted at post and rest, but users should never submit passwords or sensitive information through any form on the internet.

You will receive an email and a Band Pencil notification to alert you a form entry has been recorded.

Editing a response

If the respondent needs to make changes to the entry, you can send them a link. This will pull through their responses; they can make the changes they need and submit again.

The link is found in the New Entry Response email, or you can find it on the form response page next to the export response button.

Embeding a form

To embed a form onto your website simply copy and paste the provided HTML code onto your website.

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