How to manage your gigs

08 Jan 2020 // 2 minute read

From the outside Band Pencil could look like a tool just for running a band, but this couldn't be more wrong! We probably have more musicians using Band Pencil to manage their personal gigging life than bands!

There's a couple of ways you can report the gigs you've done through Band Pencil and in this article I'll explain them! Oh, and remember there's no right or wrong way of doing this. These are just a few examples!

1. Adding Yourself as a Musician (used by 64%* of users 📊)
So you've added an event and inputted the finance information. For example, Travel Costs: £25.00, Event Fee: £240.00, Total Invoiced: £265.00

Still on the event's page click on the musicians tab and add yourself to the event e.g. 'Fred Brook'. All you need to do now is input the musician's fee to £265.00.

This means when you come to do your reporting you can go to the reports page, click on Musician's Report tab and see how much you've earned! Simple.

2. Bands (used by 14%* of users 📊)
As Maisie described in her article:

When it comes to adding an event I do this as normal, I don't change the event to personal as I like having the functionality to tag a 'band' to the event. Because I don't run any bands I decided to name my three bands Gigs, Teaching and Workshops, this is great as each month I can download my report and see how much money I made doing each thing.

All you need to do is head over to the bands page and add each band, in Maisie's case she added three bands called: Gigs, Teaching and Workshops. Then when you're adding a new event choose from the options which one it relates to. When you go to do your reporting your can see the break down easily!

3. Setting an Event to Personal (used by 22%* of users 📊)
Once you've added an event, in the event settings change the Event Type from 'Band Event' to 'Personal Event'. This means when you go to the reports page, on the Events table you can filter by Personal Events.


*Based on surveyed users.


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