Getting Started with Band Pencil

05 Dec 2018 // 3 minute read

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First, you'll need to sign up for an account which you can do here. Once you've done that you can follow this blog as a step by step guide to getting started with Management by Band Pencil.

Adding bands

When you sign up we automatically add a band to your account, simply named with your account name. If you have a few bands now is the time to add them. To do this use the Add Band button on the bands page (accessible from the left-hand side menu).

Why should you add a band?

Adding bands to your account allows you to link a band to an event. When you download reports it will show which band performed. It's also a way to see which band is playing what event at a glance.

Adding members

Next, it's time to add all your musicians. At this point it is important to note we recommend getting permission from all your members for you to put their information on Band Pencil and follow all GDPR practices. I should also add, we never contact your members in anyway, unless you authorise the software to do so.

Why should you add members?

Adding members allows you to do a couple of things. One, it's a great place to store a database of your musicians. Two, just like bands, you can tag your members to events so you can email them event details, submit an invoice, download a receipt and see all their upcoming and past events. It also makes communicating with your members super easy.

Adding equipment

Adding all your equipment allows you to tag your equipment to events. This then shows up on your worksheet so you know which equipment you need to bring.

Adding files

Adding files allows you to keep stuff related to your bands on Band Pencil. You can also tag files to events allowing clients to see them. So, for example you needed to share your insurance document with your client, you can just tag that file to the event and they can see it online.

Adding an event

Finally, once you've done all the above steps you can get onto adding an event. To do this click the Add Event button on your account dashboard. Remember to update your settings using the Event Settings page, this is where you can add your contract and edit your details.

What does this allow you to do?

When you add an event, you can tag a band, members and clients. You can also add all the event finances and information. You can send emails to the tagged members, or client.

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