How Clients Connect with Band Pencil

16 Jan 2019 // 2 minute read

Let's face it, without clients you would have no need for Band Pencil, so interacting with them well is really important. In this article we aim to show you how we have made it easy for your clients connect with you through Management by Band Pencil.

How do they access the site?

But first, how do they access the site? Well you make the link. From your event page you have the option to communicate with a client. To send them an access link simply click the check box which says add access link to this email. When the client receives the email it will have a little button saying view my event.

Event Dashboard

Once a client has clicked on that button it will bring them to the event dashboard (no login required). This page shows them all the information they need to know about their event. From the event date to deposit due date, anything they need to know will be shown on this page. It is good practice to get the client to check all this information is correct.


Being transparent on cost is very important. Clients can see everything related to finance (balance, due dates and status). They can also download PDF copies of their invoice and receipt.


You can upload a contract for the member to agree and sign. Once agreed the contract is locked and can't be edited. A confirmation email is sent to the client.


For some event you need to share other documents with the client. Instead of this getting lost in an email thread you can upload this file and attach it to the event. Perfect for when you need to share your PLI certificate with a client.

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