How the Client Portal works in Band Pencil

27 Mar 2020 // 2 minute read

The Client Portal is for clients to check the event information, download files and invoices and view and sign contracts. To give a client access you simply need to click Email Client and check Include a link for the client to access the Client Portal.

You can track the email to see if the client has received/ opened the email. Once the client has access their portal, we'll let you know by updating the 'Client Portal Settings' to say "The client has seen the portal (Monday, 23/03/2020 at 21:11)". You can learn more about email tracking here.

How Contracts Work

You can add a contract to Band Pencil via the Event Settings Page and you can edit the contract until it is signed by the client, then it is saved and cannot be edited.

The client has a different authentication token to you and only their token will allow them to sign the contract. You don't need to do anything as the token is sent to them in the online portal access link within the email!

When a client signs the contract we record the time, the IP address and the signature (full name). The contract is then saved, converted to PDF and emailed to both the client and user account for future reference.

Files & Invoices

Invoices are automatically created by Band Pencil and they are available for the client to download on their request.Receipts are also automatically created by Band Pencil too, but they are only available when the invoice is marked as paid.

You can attach other files to the event by clicking 'Client Settings' on the Events page. In doing this it allows the client to view the attached files on their request - e.g. if you need a client to see your insurance, or technical requirements.

Event Information

The client can view the following information: Representative Info (you), Status, Date, Timings, Setup/ Soundcheck, Band, Location, Client Company, Client Name, Client Email, Client Phone, Client Address, Event Description.

It's good practice to get your client to confirm this information is correct before they agree to the terms. If something isn't right they should let you know and hold off signing the contract.

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