How the Client Portal works in Band Pencil

The Client Portal is a centralized platform where your clients can access event information, download files, view and pay invoices, and sign contracts. To grant access, you have two options:

  1. Share the URL: Simply click on the Client Portal button on the event page and copy the link. You can then send the link to your client.

  2. Email directly from Band Pencil: Click on Email Client and select "Include a link for the client to access the Client Portal." Enter the subject and email body, and send the email. The client will receive a link to view the Client Portal.

Band Pencil allows you to track the email delivery and open rate to determine whether the client has received and opened the email. We'll also log the first time they viewed the portal and display this on the event page.


Clients can easily view and sign contracts online through the Client Portal. For more detailed information about how contracts work, please refer to our dedicated support article, How to create and send contracts in Band Pencil.


Invoices created in Band Pencil can be made visible to the client on the Client Portal. From here the client can view the invoice, export it to PDF and if Band Pencil Pay is enabled, pay the invoice online. 


To share files with your client, you can link a file to the event from the event dashboard. This will allow your client to view the linked files. This is particularly useful if you need to share important documents, such as insurance or technical requirements, with your client.


Using Band Pencil's inbuilt form builder you can add a form to the client portal. For more detailed information about how forms work, please refer to our dedicated support article, How the Form Builder works in Band Pencil.

Event information

Clients can access and view the following information from the Client Portal: representative information (including email, phone, and trading name), event status, date, timings, setup, services, location, event description, client company, name, email, phone, and address.

To ensure accuracy, it is recommended to have clients confirm that the information displayed on the Client Portal is correct. If any discrepancies are found, clients can send a note to you by clicking the send a note link at the bottom of the portal.

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