How events work in Band Pencil

29 Mar 2020 // 2 minute read

Event Information

You can store the following information about an event: Status, Date, Timings, Setup/ Soundcheck, Band, Location, Client Company, Client Name, Client Email, Client Phone, Client Address, Description (Public), Notes (Private only you can see this).

You can download a PDF worksheet with all this information on by clicking the settings icon and then selecting Worksheet.


To add a musician to an event select the Musicians tab and click the Assign Musician button. Once a musician has been added to an event you can add a Musician Fee, Service Description, a Personal Message and their Availability.

Finance & Invoices

Band Pencil automatically creates invoices and receipts for you based on the information you provide. To edit your invoice and event finance status select the Finance Tab and either add or edit invoice charges.


To add a client to an event click Edit Client on the Information tab. From here you can either add a new client or select an existing client. Once a client has been added you can send them access to their client portal!


You can email the client and musicians from the event page. On the right hand side select either Email Musician or Email Client. The email will be saved within Band Pencil outbox so you can see what has been sent and whether people have opened/ read your email - learn more about this here.

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