How Musicians Work

28 Mar 2020 // 2 minute read

Band Pencil is great for storing your musicians information securely. You can also add musicians to gigs so you share the information with them and allow them to submit invoices for payment. Musicians get their own online portal like clients so they can login and check information themselves!

Adding Musicians

It is important you use the correct email address when adding a new musician as this is the address they will use to login via the portal. If you use an incorrect email you may have to delete the musician and start again!

1. Navigate to the Musicians page and click Add Musician button.
2. Enter their information (name and email inputs are compulsory).
3. Click Add Musician!


You can store the following information on Band Pencil: Name, Instrument, Email, Phone, Bank Details (sort code and account number), Tax Code, Address.

It is to note data is encrypted in transit (https) and all sensitive information (e.g. names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, billing information, passwords etc.) are stored as encrypted values in our database!

Emailing Musicians

You can email musicians directly from Band Pencil. When emailing musicians we automatically include a link for them to access their online portal.

To email a musician:
1. Navigate to the Musicians page from the sidebar on the left.
2. Click on the musician you want to email.
3. Click Message, enter a subject and email body and send!


When you add a musician to an event we automatically create a invoice on behalf of the musician. You can view these invoices by clicking on the "Invoices" tab on the musicians profile.

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