How musicians connect with you through Band Pencil

16 Jan 2019 // 2 minute read

Learn how your musicians connect with you through Band Pencil.

How they access the site?

When you add a new musician to your account we automatically set them up a login. Each time you email them through Band Pencil we attach the login information on the email so they can access their account. Alternatively your musicians can access the site via the Musician Login.

More than one band?

It's good to ask your musicians if they are already using Band Pencil with another band. If so, make sure you use the same email address so their account link up and they only have one login for Band Pencil!

What can musicians see on their account?


All the events they have been invited to perform at show up on their account and they can view the information, such as location, event timings, client name and company, other musicians and the setlist. This information can all be downloaded into a PDF worksheet and musicians can submit whether they are available, or not to perform.

Musician availability with Band Pencil


Musicians can also submit you an electronic invoice and they can view the status of all their invoices.

Musician submitting an invoice with Band Pencil

Once a musician has submitted an invoice it is then up to you to pay the musician. Once paid you simple mark the invoice as paid, but please sure you check the invoice has all the relevant information you require. Musicians can then download their receipt for the work carried out.

Paying a musician's invoice through Band Pencil

Information Sharing

If a musician is already using Band Pencil and is added to a new account, we don't automatically share existing information with the new account, only the musician can authorise this. This allows the musician to have full control over what data is shared with who!

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