How to add multiple users to one account in Band Pencil

11 Jan 2021 // 2 minute read

To add more users (we call them agents) to your account in Band Pencil you will need to be subscribed to our Band Pencil Agency Premium plan. This allows you to have up to three agents. If you need more users please contact us.

To add more users:

  1. Navigate to your settings page
  2. Click Invite User and complete their name and email address
  3. We send them an email inviting them to your account
  4. The new user will need to reset their password to gain access to their account
  5. The new user can login using their email address and new password

User controls

You can set an agent to either a users or an admin. To change from admin to user, or vise versa, on the Additional Users tab on the settings page, click view next to the agent's name. This will take you to a page where you can see all the user's info and change this setting.

  • Admins can do everything you can do (minus a few things!)
  • Users can do everything you can do, but they can't edit settings, or delete anything from the system

Band Pencil Agency Premium comes with additional features, such as an audit report so you can see what has been updated by whom.

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