How to add venues to Band Pencil

11 Jan 2021 // 1 minute read

You can save venues you frequently use to your account in Band Pencil.

To add a new venue:

  1. Navigate to the Location page and add a new location
  2. To save a new location, you'll need venue name and venue address

Once you have added a venue you can add it to an event. You can also add a new location directly from the event page by clicking Edit Location and add a new location.

To change a location of an event:

  • From the event page click Edit Location 
  • Click Change Location and select the new location

Once a venue has been added to an event the musicians can view the venue name and address. A Google Maps view is also available.

What venue information is shared:

  • Venue name (viewable to you, client and musicians)
  • Venue address (viewable to you, client and musicians)
  • Venue notes (viewable to you and musicians)
  • Venue contact (viewable to you only)
  • Contact email (viewable to you only)
  • Contact phone (viewable to you only)

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