How to add venues and locations to Band Pencil

In Band Pencil, it is possible to save commonly used venues to your account. These locations are referred to as locations by our system.

To add a new location

  1. Navigate to the Location page and add a new location
  2. To save a new location, you'll need a location name and location address

After adding a location to your account on Band Pencil, it can be added to an event easily. If you need to add a new location while creating an event, simply click on Edit Location and add a new location directly from the event page.

To change a location of an event

  1. From the event page click Edit Location 
  2. Click Change Location and select the new location
  3. If you want to remove a location, select No Location

It's important to keep in mind that locations and events are saved separately in our system. If you update the details of a location, any events that are associated with that location will reflect those changes.

For instance, if you have a location that has three different performance spaces, we recommend creating a separate location entry for each space to ensure the details are accurate and specific to each area.

When a venue has been added to an event, members can view the venue's name and address. Additionally, a Google Maps view is available, which automatically picks up the location based on the address you provided. To ensure the accuracy of the information provided to members, please verify the location address before publishing an event.

What location information is shared

  • Venue name (visible to you, client and members)
  • Venue address (visible to you, client and members)
  • Venue notes (visible to you and members)
  • Venue contact (visible to you only)
  • Contact email (visible to you only)
  • Contact phone (visible to you only)

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