How to archive a member

When you delete a member it will permanently delete their record and remove the member from all assigned events (past and present). The member will no longer be able to view any assigned events on their Member Portal. We will not inform the member of this action and this may impact on your finance reports.

Archiving a member is the recommended way to delete a member from your account, to do this:

  1. Navigate to the member you want to archive
  2. Click Edit Member
  3. Tick the box which says Archive (remove the member from your account without deleting them)

They will no longer appear in your selection when assigning members to an event, or when emailing. A warning message will appear when an archived member is assigned to a group so you know to remove them.

Please note:

  • The member will not be able to access the Member Portal and see current/past events they are assigned to.
  • The member will not be removed from groups.
  • The member will not be removed from any events they are assigned to.

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