How to build a setlist in Band Pencil

05 Jan 2021 // 1 minute read

To build a setlist you first need to create a song library within Band Pencil.

How to add songs:

  1. Nagivate to the setlist page.
  2. Click Bulk Upload or New Song button.
  3. You can add song name, artist, key, BPM, key and upload a file (e.g. chord chart or PDF sheet music).

Once you have songs you can now add a setlist.

How to add a setlist:

  1. Click Add Setlist.
  2. From the setlist management page click Add Songs.
  3. You can now reorder, label and add notes to songs within your setlist.

Setlists can be added to events and shared with musicians. To add a setlist to an event nagivate to an event and under the setlist tab click Manage Setlist.

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How to build a setlist in Band Pencil
05 Jan 2021


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