How the Lead Capture Form (Enquiry Form) works

Our Lead Capture Form, also known as an Enquiry Form, enables you to capture new leads effortlessly from your website. Simply copy and paste the provided HTML code onto your contact page. When a visitor completes the form, you will receive an email notification, and a new event will be added automatically into Band Pencil. Additionally, the client will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge the successful submission of their response.

Customising the Lead Capture Form

You have the ability to customise the form to better match your website, you can edit:

  • Form title
  • Form description text
  • Background colour
  • Text color
  • Button color

Can I add my own fields?

At the moment you can't add your own fields. This is because shorter forms usually generate more leads since people can fill them quickly. We believe our lead capture form has a good balance between collecting enough information and not asking for excess information that your visitors are reluctant to give, or might not know at the point they are enquiring.

If you really need to collect more information you can always design your own form in Band Pencil and embed that on your website instead.

Your Lead Capture Form

To see your lead capture form options page navigate to your Lead Capture Form page. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required, and the form cannot be submitted without completing them. The form asks the visitor for the following information:

  • Their name *
  • Their email *
  • Their phone number *
  • Their company
  • Event name *
  • Event date *
  • Event location
  • Event timings
  • Additional Notes

Additionally you can show the following questions:

  • Event budget
  • Selection of your services they are interested in 
  • How did you hear about us

Once a submission has been submitted

Once the client submits an enquiry three things happen:

  1. We automatically create a new event in Band Pencil and save all the information they've submitted.
  2. We send a confirmation email to the client. It simply says: "Thanks for submitting an enquiry! Someone from the team will review this shortly and get back to you as soon as we can. Your unique reference number is (the event ID)." The email contains no Band Pencil branding, apart from the required anti-spam fields.
  3. We send a email to you to notify you of the new submission, this email contains all the information they submitted and a link to the event in Band Pencil.

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