Best Online Setlist Builder

This guide is aimed at bands and musicians needing help building their setlists for gigs. We've spent a lot of time building an all in one solution to this problem and think it is the best online setlist builder. Building a setlist can take a lot of work especially if you have a vast song library, so it's important to be able to see the wider picture when creating a setlist.

Below we've outlined why Band Pencil's Online Set List Builder is the best option for you.

1. Duration Calculator

When you add a song to your song library you have the option to input the song's duration. In doing so when you add a song to your set list in Band Pencil, it will automatically calculate your current set duration, so you can easily see how long your set currently is. This is a massive help when trying to reach a final duration. Remember, if you’re aiming for 45 minutes you may want to pitch slightly under, say 43 minutes to allow for song changes and announcements between songs.

Being able to see exactly how long your set is help you make sure you’re playing the exact length of time you quoted for. Having to cut songs as you go makes the gig harder than it needs to be!

2. Add Notes & Labels & Attachments

When you add a song to a set list you can assign it a label. We have loads of labels to choose from and if the label you want isn't there you can request for it to be added in. Labels included: first dance, second dance, fake ending, real ending, song request etc.

Not only this but you can add a note to the song. Everyone’s use case is slightly different, but say you need to note which key the song is to be played in - add this as a note for all the musicians to see! 

Finally, you can upload an attachment to a song - chord chart, sheet music and lyrics (multiple file types supported).

3. Maintain Your Song Library

Band Pencil’s online set list is powered by your song library and we make it super easy for you to maintain your library. Add songs one by one, or bulk with our excel importer, add attachments and edit song information as you go. Keeping your song library in one place, and online makes it simple to create set lists wherever you are. You can even sit down with a client and design a set list with them present.

4. Reuse Your Set List

Once a set list has been created in Band Pencil you can keep it for ever and reuse as many times as you like. If you want to make a small change, simply duplicate the set list, and make your changes.

5. Gig Live Viewer

One of our favourite features about Band Pencil’s online set list builder is the ability to enter the set list live viewer. Our live viewer lets you easily see the setlist in a mobile, tablet friendly viewer. The set list live viewer shows you the current time, key, notes, duration, BPM, song number and any attachment linked to the song.

Once a set list is attached to a gig all the assigned musicians can assess the live viewer! You can see an example here.

Like the sound of our online set list creator? Sign up to Band Pencil today and try for 14-day for free, with no credit card needed. You’ll get access to a whole load of other features too.

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