How to duplicate an event in Band Pencil

You can either duplicate an event once, or create an event series.

How do duplicate an event:

  1. Navigate to an event page.
  2. Click the cog icon next to Edit Information and select Duplicate Event.
  3. Select the new date, or select to create an event series.

What is duplicated?

This function will create a new event using the information stored in the you're duplicating event. Clients and musicians will not be informed and the following information will not be copied over:

  • Contracts
  • Event communications (emails to clients/musicians)
  • Member availability
  • Performer contracts
  • Invoice status
  • Linked files
  • Linked forms
  • Todo list

Please also note, only event information can be updated for the whole series. Information in this event (such as assigned members and equipment) will be copied over to the new event, but cannot be bulk updated.

This is a complex tool, so if you do make a mistake you can undo your recent duplication by selecting the next event in the series and deleting the series using the event deletion tool. We recommend you test this tool to see how it works before duplicating this on an event.

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