How to get more gigs as a musician?

28 Aug 2020 // 3 minute read

A good way to get more gigs is to let someone else get them for you by joining a music agency. All you have to do is a simple search into Google for a list of music agencies in your area. There are also some big UK wide agencies which predominantly work online. A personal favourite of mine is Encore Musicians. Having used the site myself I can vouch for their professionalism and the frequency of gigs.

But before you go signing yourself up to these agencies, or start to find gigs yourself, you need to make sure you're ready to show the public what you've got. Below I've listed a few things you need to have before going public!

1. Promo Video

This is the best way to secure more gigs. Having a video allows you to show the client who and what you are and because of this it needs to look the best it possibly can. Promo videos need to contain all the different styles of music and different variations of your band and 4-5 minutes should be more than enough. Promo videos aren't cheap, but, genre dependant, they can be used for years and years. You always have the option to film it yourself. Your mobile phone is probably good enough video quality, but not audio. If you're going to spend money on this make sure you get some good recording of the audio!

This is a fantastic example of a promo video of the Empire Band.

2. Instagram Account

Getting gigs via Instagram is fantastic way to secure the wedding gigs. If you're after the wedding market this is a must. Instagram is a super easy way to engage with brands with very little effort. Every gig you do make sure you get a few pics or videos of you performing. Why? Well it shows the client you enjoy and love what you do!

Don't forget to use Instagram to its full potential. Instagram Stories are a great way of interacting with your audience to show them what you're up to and Instagram Highlights are a perfect place to store your promo video/ short clips/ recordings/ reviews for easy access.

Check out jerismusic on Instagram to see a perfect example!

3. Lead Form / Enquiry Form

Whether you decide to go with an agency or not, you need a lead form. More commonly known as an enquiry form in the UK. Clients will either direct message you, or complete your form. A lead form can be something as simple as a Google Forms or something as smart as our form. Whatever it is, make sure you capture the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Event Name (e.g. wedding)
  • Event Date
  • Event Location
  • Description

That's all you need, the rest you can get from speaking to the client via email or over the phone. If the form is too long, or asking too many questions people won't bother and move on! Once the client gets in contact with you try and reply within 24 hours!

So how does this all help me get gigs?

Good question. Joining an agency is easy as they do a lot of the work for you, but shooting a promo video, and making a kick ass Instagram account puts you out there. You'll be surprised how many gigs you get through word-of-mouth and if you make it easy for the client to see what you're about you'll sell yourself in no time.

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