How to manage multiple music groups with one account?

We highly recommend keeping separate accounts with two different licenses for organisations that are entirely distinct from each other. This could be the case if they have different company or tax numbers, or if you run one group independently and another with a partner.

Please note that only one email address can be used for a single account in Band Pencil.

How to manage more than one organisations (or bands) with Band Pencil?

Although Band Pencil is primarily designed for one organisation, you can manage multiple different organisation through one account. The best way to explain how to do this is to give you a fictional example.

John Doe operates two distinct bands: Crazy Funk, an 8-piece funk function band, and Armstrong Quartet, a 4-piece brass quartet. To manage these bands, John established a limited company called John Doe Music Ltd.

To sign up for Band Pencil, John can use any email address of his choice, such as or He must provide his trading name, John Doe Music Ltd, along with his billing address, payment information, and company and tax numbers (if applicable).

After setting up his account, John can add Crazy Funk and Armstrong Quartet to the list of services he offers and upload a logo for each group. When a client books Armstrong Quartet, John can create a new event in Band Pencil and select the service as Armstrong Quartet. He can then change the image on the invoice to Armstrong Quartet's logo and use this logo on all communications with the client. Additionally, he may inform the client that John Doe Music Ltd is the trading name used for Armstrong Quartet.

When John's musicians log in to their Member Portal, they will see that they are members of John Doe Music Ltd. For each event, they can view the service they will be performing under.


While you can have multiple organisations under one Band Pencil account, please note that you can only have one entry for each of the following:

  • Trading Name
  • Billing Address
  • Payment Information
  • Tax Number
  • Company Number

If you require more than one you will need to open another account with a different email address.

We understand each user is going to have a slightly different way of running their operation, so please feel free to contact us to discuss the best option for you.

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