How to send quotes using Band Pencil

Band Pencil is primarily designed as a tool for band and event management, helping you keep track of your bookings and musicians/members. There are tools out there like Studio Ninja and 7hats are specialised systems for creating and managing quotations.

Many of our users actually use multiple systems to manage their work efficiently. While you can collect and manage leads directly within Band Pencil, some customers prefer to use tools like Studio Ninja or 7hats for lead collection and then switch to Band Pencil for further management.

As of now, Band Pencil doesn't have a dedicated quoting tool, but we've made it super easy to send quotes to your clients. Here's a straightforward step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Create a New Event:

    • Start by adding a new event in Band Pencil.
    • Enter all the necessary event details.
    • If a client has enquired through the lead capture form, this information will already be in Band Pencil.
  2. Add the Client:

    • Next, add your client to the event.
    • Again, if the client enquired through the lead capture form, this information will already be in Band Pencil.
  3. Generate an Invoice:

    • Create an invoice for the event. This is where you can list the services or items you're quoting.
  4. Create a Contract:

    • Assign a contract to the event and give it a title like "Quote Agreement."
    • Include the specific terms and conditions for the quote within this contract.
  5. Send the Quote to the Client:

    • Send an email to the client, providing them with access to the Client Portal.
    • In the Client Portal, they can view all the event details, the invoice, and the Quote Agreement contract.
    • If they're satisfied with the quote and terms, they can digitally sign the Quote Agreement contract.


Pro Tip: To make your quoting process even more efficient, you can create contract templates and email templates that you can reuse for future quotes.

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