How to schedule emails

Available with any of the following subscriptions:
✓ Ultimate

You can schedule email to clients and members from the event page on Band Pencil. Scheduling emails are the same for members and clients and to do this:

  1. Navigate to the event and click either "Email Client" or "Email Members"
  2. Select your recipient(s)
  3. Click Advanced at the bottom of the email composer box
  4. Tick the Schedule Email button
  5. Set a send date and send time (both the date and time need to be in the future. Emails will only send on the hour)
  6. Click Schedule Email

Once the email has been scheduled you can view, edit and delete it from the emails widget on the right-hand side. To edit the email, click the edit button make your changes and click Schedule Message at the bottom.

Please note:

  • Wherever possible, we send the email at the exact date and time you selected, but due to sending limits there may be a +/- 2 hour tolerance.
  • The current email address will be used when sending scheduled emails to clients and members. This means if you update a member or client's email address between scheduling an email and the email sending, the new email will be emailed, and not the email set at the time of scheduling.
  • This feature is not available to trialing users.

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