How to turn off musician invoices in Band Pencil

08 Jan 2021 // 1 minute read

You can choose whether you want to accept invoices from musicians. By default this feature is on, but if you don't want to use this feature, that's fine you can turn it off. 

How to turn on/off musician invoices:

  1. Navigate to Event Settings page
  2. Under Musician Invoices option select ON/OFF

This feature allows your musicians to automatically submit an invoice and for you to mark it as paid. In doing so the musician will be able to download a receipt. This reduces the amount of admin time as we automatically create the invoices/receipts and reduces the amount of paperwork you and your musicians have to do! You can bulk update invoices via Invoice Settings on the event page.

I don't pay my musicians (e.g. I run an amateur band)

If you don't pay your musicians for events then we recommend you turn off Musician Payment. This feature will not show any payment information to the musician on the Musician Portal.

How to turn on/off musician payment:

  1. Navigate to Event Settings page
  2. Under Musician Payment option select ON/OFF

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