How to Get More Gigs

Using a band management software can directly and indirectly lead to more gigs and in this article we'll discuss some of the benefits of using a band management software to get more gigs. Whether you're a small band just starting out or a large function band, using a management software can improve your productivity, automate time consuming task and, most importantly free you up to spend time playing music and booking new gigs. 

Once you've read this article, you may be interested in our other post on do you need a band management software? In this article, we discuss the pros and cons to switching to online gig management.

3 Ways Band Management Software Will Get You More Gigs

More Time To Spend Booking New Gigs

A band management software takes all the complexity out of managing an event and breaks it down into some key components: gig information, musician management, client management, equipment, setlists, invoices and contracts. In breaking event management down into these sections allows you to work through and event step by step and keep track of what has been organised and what is still yet to sort out. This allows you to manage many more events that using a traditional method. Some of our powerusers are now able to managing up to six or seven events per week.

One of our users, Tom from a London based function band Hand Fulla Soul said "[Band Pencil] is particularly helpful for storing and updating event details for many events, and therefore keeping track of the constantly changing details relating to running multiple events simultaneously.".

Not only this, but in using a band management software you begin to automate many laborious processes. For example, in the past invoice creation could have been done on a word processor taking 5-10 minutes per invoice. With software this task becomes completable in a matter of seconds. Not only this but you can allow the clients and musicians to access the gig information online reducing the amount of questions getting directed at you!

Capture New Leads Automatically

Capturing new leads, or in layman’s terms getting more potential gigs, is key to growing your music business. Using a band management software can help massively as they often have a lead capture form feature to allow you to automatically accept new gigs online form your website, or social media. 

Once the client completes the form you pretty much have all the information you need to get the gig confirmed. Clients will often be enquiring with more than one band so you need to try and reply to the client within 24 hours!

Good Customer Experience

Finally management software offers a seamless, easy to use customer experience. It's important to checkout what the client portal and musician portal looks like before committing to a band management software, as sadly, some look like they are more of a scam webpage than a helpful one...

Using a client portal allows the client to check the event details at any point, sign contracts online and pay invoices. Keeping all the information in one also place removes the phone calls and clarification emails from clients.

The buck doesn't stop with clients however. It's important to provide good service to musicians because if they can easily access information using a "self-service" approach, they're far less likely to ask you. Not only this, but they'll be more happy to work for you in the future.

If you're in the market for a band management software, or are interested in how one could help your business. Check out Band Penci's features, here or get in contact with us today.

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