How to change your timezone in Band Pencil

22 Jun 2019 // 2 minute read

#management #updates

Over the next few months we are excited to announce we will be making a few big changes to your account. Today, Band Pencil will now support global time zones.

A little back story

Band Pencil was initially launched for users in the UK, so we designed the site to report all dates and times in Greenwich Mean Time (or British Summer Time).

Over the past few months our user base has grown exponentially and we are starting to welcome users from USA and Australia! Now, when we first started coding Band Pencil we did predicted users from Europe would register, so we added the ability state their currency (hence why you can choose between £, €, $), but we never thought about adding dynamic timezones.

Is this an issue?

First of all, don't worry, this isn't really a problem... All it means is when a user updates something on the site it will show in London time regardless of where they live in the world. Everything else will work as normal.

How to change your timezone

This is an issue which we have started addressing. From today you will be able to set your timezone preference from your account settings page. Don't worry if this doesn't do anything just yet. Rolling the whole website to dynamic time is a huge project and will take us sometime so please be patient. Having said that we hope to have this project complete soon so we can let you know of the new exciting changes we will be making too.

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