Mark as Cancelled & Cc'ing

23 Mar 2020 // 2 minute read

Cancelling Events

You can now mark an event status as 'Cancelled'. When doing so it is important to do the following.

1. Inform your Musicians
You need to be honest and upfront with your musicians. They will probably be expecting gigs to be cancelled, but it is best to let them know as soon as you know.

2. Inform your Client
Confirm with your client the event has been cancelled, we recommend doing this via email. It's also good to be sympathetic, remember their event could mean a lot to them especially if it is a wedding, or birthday party. Finally, discuss the contract with your client and if they owe you money then you need to let them know. Quite often you'll have a force majeure clause in the contract, which will render it invalid.

3. Update your Finances
Each event will be slightly different, but you'll probably need to change the invoice paid status to Outstanding so the event isn't reported in your income.

Cc'ing Yourself

When messaging a client you can now Cc yourself into the email. As emails are sent though Band Pencil they do not show in your mail client sent box. By clicking 'Cc yourself' means you will be sent the email too for reference*.

*The client has a different access token to you for security reasons, so you won't Cc'ed in the exact email, but be given a copy. You can track to check the client has received the email/ opened it via email history. To learn more about this see our article on Email Tracking Guide.

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