Member invoices: submitting and marking as paid

After a member has indicated their availability as available, they will be able to submit an invoice. Band Pencil prohibits the submission of invoices by members who have incomplete address or payment details.

Members have the option of uploading their own invoice, and can preview the invoice generated by Band Pencil before submitting. Upon submission of the invoice, you will be notified via an in-app notification and email, depending on your notification settings.

Invoice states

In terms of member invoices, there are two states: submitted (either yes or no) and paid (either yes or no). This means that you have the ability to mark an invoice as paid, even if you haven't received it through Band Pencil from a member.

We use four different tags to categorise the invoice states: Paid, Not Submitted, Pending, and Paid [manual]. Further details regarding these tags are provided below:

Member invoice status Invoice submitted by the member? Invoice marked as paid?
Paid Yes Yes
Not Submitted No No
Pending Yes No
Paid [manual] No Yes

Replying to an invoice

On the report page under the Member Invoices report, you can see a list of member invoices. Select an invoice and from this page you view the invoice information, upload an invoice PDF, and change the status e.g. mark the invoice as paid. Depending on your preference this may send an email to the member informing them of the update (we will tell you if this is the case before changing the status).

Depending on what state the invoice is in, will depend on how the invoice status is recorded, see above for the four different states we show.

What the member sees

Once an invoice has been marked as paid, the member will be able to see this on the Member Portal. We recommend ticking the box which sends an email to the member informing them the invoice has been marked as paid.

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