Musician Portal Help Guide

27 May 2021 // 4 minute read


  1. Logging into the portal
  2. Viewing your events
  3. Confirming your attendance
  4. Viewing the band profile
  5. Worksheet & viewing other musicians
  6. Submitting invoices
  7. Updating your information

Logging into the portal

We use magic links to login to the Musician Portal. This means there's no need to create an account and no passwords to remember. It makes it easier for you and for your administrator. Navigate to the Login Page (link in the footer of Band Pencil's homepage), enter your email address and we'll send you a link to login.

Viewing your events

To view an event, from the dashboard or band profile, click on the View Event button. You will be taken to the event page which will display all the relevant information. 

Administrators can hide events from you, so if you ever get a warning that you do not have permission, you'll need to contact your administrator to get them to give you access.

You get access to non-sensitive information this includes:

  • Role (instrument)
  • Event status
  • Event date
  • Event timings
  • Setup/ Soundcheck
  • Services
  • Location
  • Food
  • Dress code
  • External mic use
  • number of guests
  • playlist information
  • Client company and name
  • Description
  • Setlist
  • Other confirmed musicians
  • Finance information
  • Any shared files

Confirming your attendance

From the dashboard, band profile, or event page simply click Available or Not Available depending on your preference. The administrator may receive an update email. 

To change your attendance from the event page, click on your current attendance status and you will be able to update it there.

Viewing the band profile & updating your information

On the right-hand side of the dashboard you will see a section labelled Linked Accounts. Select the account you want to view and click on the link. On this page you can see all your upcoming events, shared files, report of all the events and a place to update your information.

You can update: 

  • Your name
  • Email address*
  • Address
  • Payment details
  • Phone number
  • Email preference

Each account which is linked to you keeps your information separate from one another.

*This will update the email address you receive emails to. To change your login access email you will need to do this on the Your Information tab on the dashboard.

Worksheet & viewing other musicians

To download a worksheet, navigate to the event and click Download Worksheet at the bottom of the page. It will generate a PDF with all the event information in.

To view other musicians, click on the Musicians tab on the event page. Please note, your administrator may have hidden this feature and we only show musicians who have stated their availability as Available

Submitting invoices

You may need to submit an invoice via Band Pencil. Before you can submit an invoice, you need to submit your availability and have payment and address information within Band Pencil. The system will not let you submit an invoice without this.

When submitting you have the option to add a value into the additional fields box. This is to be used when you need to invoice for expenses etc. You can also add a tax percentage onto this value if needed.

To add a your Tax/VAT number and company number to an invoice simply navigate to the band and edit your information. Your band leader can also do this for you.

You also have the option to submit your own invoice and your band leader will be able to see this.

Once submitted you can download the invoice and once paid you can download a receipt.

From the dashboard click on the All Events tab to see all the events you have been assigned to. You can search and sort the table. To show events in a specific month search the month and year (Apr 2022). You can then export this information.

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Our band management software is loved by musicians, band manager, agencies, not-for-profit music groups and many more.

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