Logging into Band Pencil's Member Portal

To login to the Member Portal, find a link either on the login page which says Member Login, or find the link in Band Pencil's footer section.

How this works?

We use something call a magic link to log a member into their portal. A magic link is a special URL sent to the member via an email which contains a link to log the member into the portal without the need for entering a password or pin. This simplifies the login process and makes it easier for members to access their account.

To ensure the magic link works correctly, the member's email must be entered accurately in Band Pencil.

Is this secure?

This is a secure way of logging into the portal, but members should never forward any email from Band Pencil to others, including those who claim to work for Band Pencil, as this grants access to their Member Portal.

Members do not need to remember their password, as they simply need to log in to their email client to access Band Pencil. Therefore, forgetting passwords is not an issue.

If members have concerns about their portal access, they can change their login link by navigating to their Member Portal dashboard, selecting Portal Settings, and clicking the change login link button. We advise members to do this as often as they can.

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