New Invoices

26 Mar 2020 // 1 minute read

We've made three major changes to the way invoices work on Band Pencil.

1. Invoice image
2. Invoice notes
3. Custom invoice charges

Invoice Image

You can now select an image (jpg, jpeg or png) from your uploaded files and set that as the invoice header image.

Events Page ➡️ Finance Tab ➡️ Invoice Settings ➡️ Invoice Image

Invoice Notes

You can now add a little note to the invoice like 'This invoice is subject to change until 20th December'.

Events Page ➡️ Finance Tab ➡️ Invoice Settings ➡️ Invoice Image

Custom Invoice Charges

The most requested feature is finally here! You can now add custom charges to an invoice. Add, delete and edit charges. You can even set custom tax percentage and due date for each charge!

Events Page ➡️ Finance Tab ➡️ Invoice Charge

We hope you enjoy these changes as much as we do!

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